We are PhD students across the EU, part of the ChroMe network, conducting research on epigenetics and metabolism. We wanted to use our opportunities and positions to help those in need. That is why we are partnering with L’Associació de Diabètics de Catalunya (ADC) to support a summer camp for children with diabetes.

To find out more about who we are please visit our website. To get to know more about L’Associació de Diabètics de Catalunya projects, please visit the following link http://adc.cat.

Evangelia Tzika- Event and Fundraiser Coordinator

4SC AG, LMU, Munich

Country of origin: Greece

Joan Miró- Content Team, Local Coordinator

Rovira i Virgili University, Reus

Country of origin: Spain

Silvia Raineri- Legal Issues, Sponsor Management Team

University of Oxford, Oxford

Country of origin: Italy

Salva Casaní- Sponsor Managment Team

Biobam, Valencia

Country of origin: Spain

Iva Guberovic- Sponsor Management Team

Josep Carreras Leukaemia Research Institute, Badalona

Country of origin: Croatia

Mehera Emrich- Marketing Team, Webpage Development

LMU, Munich

Country of origin: USA

Haris Khan- Marketing Team, Graphic Design

LMU, Munich

Country of origin: Pakistan

Magdalini Serefidi- Marketing Team, Social media

LMU, Munich

Country of origin:Greece

Raian Contreras - Content Team

Helmholtz Center, Munich

Country of origin: Venezuela

This fundraising initiative arose as we, a group of 8 PhD students from various European institutions, met and decided on a personal basis to channel our energy and enthusiasm into supporting L’Associació de Diabètics de Catalunya (ADC). The raised funds will be donated to ADC to continue their summer camp program for children with diabetes and to support the costs of our public awareness event for diabetes. Our activities are voluntary and we receive no compensation, nor do we otherwise profit from the fundraising. Furthermore, the views represented on this webpage and through our fundraising activity are neither connected to, nor organised by our respective employers, the European Commission, its funded research activities, nor the Marie Skłodowska Curie Innovative Training Network "Chromatin and Metabolism


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